About Me

WHO: My passion for writing sparked in first grade when I wrote my first short story, The Tiger and Me, about a feline in my backyard (remember it’s fiction). I won an honorable mention in a writing competition and got to leave school for the day to pick up my pretty ribbon. It was a sweet deal. I kept up with the creative writing, won some more awards, before I found my true love at a high school journalism workshop at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Since that experience, I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid. For college, I picked Howard University. I wanted to see the East Coast. Since then, I haven’t been far from I-95 or a newsroom. When I’m not writing,

I may be found at the local gym, taking spin and Latin dance classes. Or you may find me volunteering with this grouping:

WHAT: People love to talk to me. My favorite stories have a mix of numbers and human soul. Living in unpredictable South Florida, I’ve had the opportunity to cover everything from terrorists next door to Christian rappers. My coverage of Caribbean-American grassroots politics nabbed me the NABJ /UN Fellowship to Brazil. Send me out to a story; I’ll bring back two. As for trends, I break them. I don’t wait for the report. It’s always best to get ahead of the story, and then get behind it. Take a peek

WHERE: Mostly in the South Florida sunshine but sometimes in the
eye of the storm

WHEN: On deadline

WHY: I ask too many questions already. Might as well get paid for it.

HOW: Paper, pen, video or radio